kinect hand and finger tracking

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As a part of my project I have to implement hand and finger tracking using kinect. From what i've read so far the basic method is:

trace the contour of hand
find finger tips using convex hull or k-curvature algo

Is this correct? If it is can someone provide a tutorial on how to trace contour as I could not find a any good one.

I am currently using sobel edge detection for tracing contour but now how to get finger tips?? any help is appreciated


  • Even i require a help on this ! Any kind of help will be appreciated !

  • what i am doing right now is finding the closest object to sensor, which would have to be your hand, then turning all pixels black except the ones that belong to the hand,using simple edge detector like sobel or robert cross and finding the contour using marching square or theo Pavlidi. i am still working on finger detection.

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