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I'm assuming it was a quite deliberate decision not to include the scrub bar on the video, but I was wishing there were at least a 10s rewind button. At the point when Dan introduced the editor I got so excited I forgot to listen to what he was saying and then I wanted to rewind a little to hear it again.


  • Yes, we're considering adding a jump back 30 seconds button in addition to pause and restart!

  • This is now implemented as a 10 second rewind. Please check it out.

  • Personally, I also think usability of the tutorial would be greatly improved with a way to move arbitrarily forward and backward through the videos. If I take a break or my browser crashes or j just want to see something again, having to go through the whole video again is not so nice!

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    We agree 100%, that would be ideal. It's not possible because of how the videos are sequenced with the event triggers. I'm not sure if it's an inherent limitation of Popcorn.js, or just the way we needed to implement it. Scott Garner has the best information about it.

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