Landscape with OPENGL renderer on Nexus 4

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My Nexus 4 screen stays white when I use orientation(landscape) and the OPENGL renderer together. Portrait and OPENGL works fine as well as landscape and the default renderer. any suggestions?

thanks, ralf

my code is:

    void setup() {
      size(displayWidth, displayHeight,P3D);

    void draw() {
      line(0, 0, width, height);
      stroke(0, 255, 0);
      line(0, height/2, width, height/2);


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    I believe that that method of setting the orientation is out of date. Instead, edit theactivitytag in theAndroidManifest.xmlfile to includeandroid:screenOrientation="landscape".

  • thanks for the hint. it works now!

  • Saved my bacon, as well. Thanks!

  • Thank you calsign, you are definitely right

  • Thanks! This worked for me. I'm using Processing 2.0.3 and the Android mode that came with it.

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