How to appear a line not draw?

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I am the new one of using processing, I just want to know is there any sample way that I can not only draw a line on processing but also I can appear a line from point A to point B and then stop after I press the run button.

Is there any way that I can appear a arc just like the appear the line?

Thank a lot! sorry for my poor processing knowledge and my poor english..



  • Look at lerp()

  • Thx u chrisir, I finally can appear a line from a point to point, but the other problem is that I can't make the line hold on there. I want to not only moving the link point A to point B, but also the line is from nothing to a real line and then hold on there, don't disappear. Is there any way too?

    thank you again!

  • When amt is ==1.0 just draw a normal line instead of draw?

  • post your code

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