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For my design project I need to make an application that can make pictures and from there send them to a server (a map or something on a computer). From there it needs to be** sended to a tablet** that displays all the pictures that are stored in the server in a** slideshow**. I'm not even sure if this is possible in processing. I can really use some of your guys help.




  • Complicated project. How long do you have to do it?

    Processing can certainly be useful for this. Depending on how you want to configure things, however, you might need additional technologies.

    As I see it, there are three main things you need to do to get this working: 1) You need some way of making pictures. 2) You need some way of displaying a slideshow of pictures. 3) You need some way to send the pictures from the thing that makes the pictures to the thing that displays the slideshow.

    So start simple. Can you make a sketch that allows your to make images? You might want some buttons for picking different colors and brush sizes, plus a button to clear the drawing, and certainly a button that sends the image. I would get working on that first. Processing would be good for this.

  • Definitely, you can make use of ketai library, particularly getting camera data in this example. Library has also functionality to detect gestures that may help you to organize control over slideshow (which I think is the easiest part). Communicating with the server is a bit more complex, what I'm thinking is you can use pixels[] array to upload your picture to server as an array of integers and then restore these to pictures on client side. But maybe there's a better way. Do you have experience in server-client communication and which server and programming language you want to use for the project?

  • Sorry for the late reaction. I decided to skip over the server part. Sending from phone to tablet would do good ;)

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