Processing 3.0.2 not loading.

edited March 2016 in Using Processing

I was using Processing 3.0.1 quite happily until recently, when it suddenly started to not load up the editor, and I could not build from Sublime Text (which is what I normally do).

Have removed Java and reinstalled 8.73, but still no luck. I don't even get any errors or crashes - just the splash screen for the Processing IDE and then nothing, and from Sublime Text, nothing at all. No feedback whatsoever.

I upgraded to Processing 3.0.2, changed the paths so that I could still build etc. Still no luck.

I haven't made any major changes on my machine lately. The only thing I thought it might have been was Java 8.74 did something to the system. On another computer I rolled back to 8.73 and this solved the exact same issue, but that doesn't seem to be working on this machine I'm working on right now.

Any ideas?!

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