Saving data in csv format

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Hi Guys, I want to save some data in form of a table in csv format. I got the code from the site but while running it gives this error "cannot convert from void to TableRow" What am I doing wrong ?


alt text


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    Hi Metal monkey,

    I see that you are using the b3 version of 2.0. perhaps addRow does not return a TableRow in that version? I'd upgrade to the stable and see if that makes a difference.

    good luck! ak

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    You are using an old beta version of Processing 2.0b3 .. the current version is 2.0.3, which is what the reference refers to.

    In general: your error just says that table.addRow() produces void which can not be stored in a variable of type TableRow ... which is because you are using an old Processing.

  • Ha, @akiersky was faster than me ..

  • Thanks guys. I downloaded the new version and it's working perfectly. Thanks for the help.

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