Kinect one with Windows 10 and Processing

Hello guys,

I'm trying to use Kinect One in Windows 10 with Processing, but still could not make it work ...

I found these previous posts, what I saw was with Windows 8.1

Does anyone know if it works with Windows 10? I tried with the SDK 2.0, but does not work.

Thank you


  • Hi there are two problems I have seen here.

    1st: if u use Kinect one, then u should consider to use SDK 1.5 to 1.8, SDK 2.0 is specifically developed for Kinect V2

    2nd : if u wanna use Processing to develop Kinect one , then u should consider to implement SimpleOpenNi instead of Windows SDK for Kinect.

    I have already tried several examples by Kinect one and Processing 2.2.1 under Windows 10

  • Hello zytony,

    Thanks for the feedback ... I think I could not explain it, kinect one, to say the newest model, as this link here.

    With SimpleOpenNI and SDK 1.5, I could use, but did not get a desired result, so I'm trying the newest Kinect.

    I need to know if this model using the XBOX it works, or only serves as the site mentioned below, the model: (K4W2)


    Thanks for attention.

  • Im using windows 10 and kinect4windows, works quite alright

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