Dot.Connect: new Android game

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I wanted to share with you Dot.Connect, an Android game that I made using Processing. You can find it here:

I would highly appreciate if you could provide me with any feedback, that is, any bugs you encountered, any limitations you detect as well as any potential improvements you see.

But more importantly, I hope you enjoy.



  • Wow ! Really nice !! I just tried it on a K1 Shield Tablet with Android 6, it is butter smooth :) And I just sent an email to you to ask if you'd like to connect

    in any case, Congratulation for Dot.Connect !!

  • Testing report: Sometimes, on my K1, when I start the game it just shows a black screen. I discard the game and relaunch it and everything goes fine

  • I had also made a web browser prototype for this game using p5. If you're curious, it's here:

    You can even register and compare your scores with other players.

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