Processing 3.0.2 - Video Examples not Working on Windows 64

Hi. I'm about to start developing a project using Processing 3 and Windows. It needs to connect to a USB webcam and grab images. I downloaded Processing 3.0.2 for Windows 64 and added the Video library. Everything seems to be running fine, except that All of the Video examples that come with the library doesn't work.

No error is returned, the application is executed and even the webcam activity light turns on but no image is grabbed.

I tried several examples, and tested then with 5 different webcams, all the same.

My configuration is: Windows 7 64 bit + Oracle Java 8 + Processing 3.0.2 (64bit).

It's worth mentioning that I ran the same test on the same machine using Ubuntu 14.04, all wet fine, all webcams worked as expected.

I tried several a couple of different ways to solve the problem, like using Processing 32 bit for example, but I was not able to have any success of video capture on windows so far.

Can anyone point me to a possible solution for it?

Thank you.


  • Just tested the capturing examples in my 64-bit Win 7 laptop w/ Processing 3.0.2; and it worked fine as always. 8-X

  • No webcam for me on OSX since updating to 3.0.2. Sample doesn't even list available cameras.

    Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 1.44.02 PM

  • I identified the problem (sort of). It seems something with that particular machine. I tried processing 3.0.2 on a different Windows 7 64 machine and the examples worked fine. So, it maybe something on that specifi setup, which I can't pin point now.

    Anyway, Thanks for the replies.

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