Large scale desktop application by using Processing?

Hello everyone, I am a totally newbee for both Processing and programming. I've successfully installed and have try out some interesting examples in processing sketch. It's quite fun, but I am just wondering that: Can processing language capable to build a larger scale of Windows/iOS desktop application development like, for example: CorelDraw or maybe ERP system? :-? Maybe someone here can give me some example of what Processing can make. Thanks!


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    Basically, you can do everything what you want with processing, however the question is "Is this a best tool to complete the task?". Processing is good for everything that deals with graphics, however in case of Corel Draw, there is at least the GUI of the application that is not so realistic with processing libraries, so it is better to use it as a library with pure Java for any large scale project.

  • Thank you Ater, I guess I understand what you mean. How about using Processing to make a smart-home or home automation control project - both user interface by tablet and monitoring/controlling sensors?

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    I know there are people who use processing exactly for this purpose. It also helps that processing has easy connection with arduino that is frequently used to create smart home elements. Actually it is more question about how comfortable are you using processing IDE when project becomes large enough. In processing you can also use any Java library.

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    yes you can develop from this...and its very easy also

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