Text to Speech in Processing

Hello guys,

We are developing a virtual keyboard, we have combined all the features of these two models, and put the "Click" Automatic as moving the cursor on the button ...

Links: www.openprocessing.org/sketch/9701 www.openprocessing.org/sketch/111851

Now we intend to use a voice library to use the sound ...

I tried with this model found at this link:


import guru.ttslib.*;

TTS tts;

void setup() {
  tts = new TTS();

void draw() {
  ellipse( 35, 30, 25, 35 );
  ellipse( 65, 30, 25, 35 );
  ellipse( 40, 35, 10, 10 );
  ellipse( 60, 35, 10, 10 );


void mousePressed() {
  tts.speak("Hi! I am a speaking Processing sketch");
  //tts.speak("Oi! Eu sou um esboço Processing falando");

Worked normal, the next step now is to change the language, it would be possible with this library to change the language to Portuguese, for example?

Someone could indicate some tutorial work as multiple languages?

Thank you

Style keyboard that we are adapting ... Teclado



  • A detail of the design, this keyboard is to assist people who can not use the keyboard normally, and use a web cam as device along with HeadMouse software to move the cursor.


    The key model that is on the site can not use, depending on the Click with the blink of an eye or mouth movement, and how are patients with difficulties of these controls, was not very successful, so we're developing this other model based on the movement and focus on the keys and, after a while, is the automatic click ...

    Thank you

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