interactive child game using SMT(Simple multitouch) and processing?

Application can be anything but it must have something so that student can learn e.g How to identify colours by connecting nodes game placing coloured ellipse on different blocks of grid and when every colour connects he won the game something like that sort of applications.Do help me with this . .Any e commerce application is also appreciated . Or any good idea that i can implement . .Do comment!



  • 4 in a row?

  • Any one implemented will.also do . .try it and do post the source code for watever u r planning to built

  • are you a teacher looking for a task for your students ?

    your writing is a mess...

  • M not a teacher . .student only .need some applications for my coleege project! .

  • you mean you need an idea...?

  • Yep an idea and its basic implementation. M trying to build a multitouch table using smt in processing . So some touch applications or game , anyone of them will do !

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    ... and do post the source code for watever u r planning to built

    Perhaps you should put a little time into this yourself ... After all, it is YOUR project for a college course is it not? I'd say it's a bit unrealistic to post here looking for both an idea AND the code to implement it when you are responsible for doing the work yourself. Try working out some Processing code first yourself, then post it if you need additional help would be my suggestion.

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