Working Syphon in Processing 3.0.1

Hello guys.

I'm kind of new in Processing, but come from a Max/MSP/Jitter background. I had lot of trouble trying to output a Syphon Server from Processing 3 to be further manipulated in Jitter. After many attempts, almost crying because it wouldn't work, and one last careful look at the included examples, I found out about the new settings() function in Processing 3.

In order for the Syphon Server to work, you need to set the size of your Sketch and some configuration of OpenGL in this function. Having learned almost everything I know in Processing 2, I had no idea what was I doing wrong. Hope this is helpful to someone out there.

void settings() { size(400, 400, P3D); //Or P2D will work as well PJOGL.profile=1; }


  • it's very helpful. TANKS!!!

  • Careful with P2D! I ran into an issue where the image was upside-down when sending a PGraphics (not the whole screen) rendered in P2D. Just so you know.

  • TxoTxo
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    Thanks Juandaco! Just tu sum up a little bit: From my experience, if you want to declare a background inside void setup you have to declare also canvas.beginDraw(); and canvas.endDraw(); before and after, otherwise wont work (it used to do it on Processing 2).


    void setup() {
      canvas = createGraphics(400, 400, P3D);
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