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Hi, I need help with my big problem: saving and uploading of internal memory Android.

In normal mode, I use for storage. saveTable (table, "data / Table.csv");

but it does not work in android mode.

The problem comes when you need to have access to the subfolders: saveTable (table, "data / folder1 / folder2 / Table.csv");

I never found my problem. How to do it?


  • @DolarCZ=== P3 or P2,????

  • Processing 3.0.1 and Android Mode 3.0-beta4 and target SDK is API 6.0 (23)

    tested device is: Nvidia Shield tablet K1 android 6.0

  • Try saveTable(csv,"//sdcard/SomeDirectory/myData.csv");

    You may need to create "SomeDirectory" manually. mind "//" looks like it is the most confusing part.

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    I tried everything. Unfortunately, there is no result.

  • @DolarCZ===

    the @Ater answer is for P2 forget it i ll answer ASAP; too tired out for now!

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    Problem solved!!!! Android 6.0 I not recommended !! Lots of things not working (eg console), I went back to version 5.1.1 and the problem I solved.

    File newFile = new File(dirName); newFile.mkdirs();

    Creates a new folder. In version 4.2.2 works, but in version 5.1.1 does not work !!! However

    saveTable(table, "//sdcard/newFile/table.csv"); Creates a new folder and table.csv. in android 4.2.2 and 5.1.1. In android 6.0 does not work.

    I'm happy that I came to do it. Maybe it will help others.

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