Run compiled sketch on Pi?

I'm developing on Win 7 (soon 10), and exporting the sketch to run on Linux. They run on Linux Lite - would they run a Pi? Specifically on a Zero... It SEEMS they should... Any 'gotchas'? I'm interfacing with a joystick and talking to an Arduino via Com port.



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    Just running my first exported Sketch ona PI2. First impression: Slow, but runs. Fullscreen coordinates, however, are maladjusted. I'm having a grey fullscreen and a drawing area of roughly [.25|0] to [.75|.5] (vertically top-aligned top half, horizontally centered half)

  • Thanks for that update! Will proceed accordingly.

  • UPDATE: The maladjustment was inferred during the export process on windows machine (selecting linux as target, of course). Running the pde file in processing on the Pi2, the whole screen is used. Exporting on the raspberry, also the whole screen is used, but a grey border remained at the bottom.

    Unfortunately the hardware acceleration for video decoding is not available in Processing, so the framerate drops to 1fps roughly.

    However, the video library (i was hoping to map a videoprojection onto some windows) is running on the default renderer only, while the keystone library runs on P3D only. So those two are mutually exclusive, anyway.

  • Mention video - I'm just running a simple (somewhat) Processing sketch that simulates a radar screen with a slowly sweeping line, and three triangles at random positions... and when a button is pressed, some action taken. This is just VGA output - wouldn't that be easy on the processor?

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