ImageLoader (PImage & GIF) - (Flickr, Instagram, Google, Giphy, Tumblr and File)


I created a Processing library to make it easy to fetch images from either Flickr, Instagram, Google or your local file system.

You can find the library on Github. (

Cheers to all, Mathias


  • Hello! I have tried the library with Flickr. It looks like the same image are coming back often. When I start the sketch it always the same image. example keyword robot

    How those random work ? By date uploaded it is possible to set it relevant. Is it possible to get control the image we see: image(1) image(2)? Thanks for any info on how to understand better.

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    getRandom() is a simple random function.

    public Image getRandom() {
      if (images.isEmpty()) {
        return null;
      } else {
        return getImage(random.nextInt(images.size()));

    I will update the library with a getIndex function soon.

    Till than you could use the getCopyList function to get your own list and than iterrate through this new list.

    public Collection<Image> getCopyList() {
      return images.values();
  • I updatet the libraray. It's now possible to get an image by using the index function. I also added support for the giphy api.

  • Tumbr and Gif File support is now added.

  • I installed ImageLoader library and tried the examples. I tried google, flicker examples. But no images appear even when I click the mouse button.

  • did you modify the examples to include your api keys?

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    Thank you koogs! it works!

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