Processing Car Traffic System

Hi there. I'm planning to make a car traffic monitoring system. Basically, my proposed idea is relating motion detection with Processing. By using a camera, it can track down the city car traffic and people's driving behavior. And I'm seeking for suggestions and new ideas from you guys. What do you think about this project?



  • Yes, that is very cool. If you'll be able to do all the work considering cars tracking on video and you have a possibility to analyse data from a number of cameras, you'll be able to visualize the traffic on a map. However, I'm not sure what information you'll be able to gather except number of cars and their moving direction on particular crossings.

  • Maybe car accident or impact. Possible?

  • Theoretically, everything is possible, it only depends on how hard it is gonna be to implement.

  • Being too fast or very slowly

    Color of car

    are you really going to place a cam on a street?!

    This can cause troubles since it is public space

    Or is the cam there already? How many?

    Can you try instead to retrieve data About the cars from the town officials?

  • Or you have access to some webcams?

  • IDK which city is OP in, but usually there's an access to traffic web cameras, however the resolution of course is not very good for video processing.

  • Thanks for the source. Do you have any idea with wireless camera? Currently working on ipcapture. Confused with that library.

  • No, sorry...

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