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Hi there community !! I'm new to Processing. Currently I'm looking for some ideas for my final year project. And I know that processing can do image visualization so kind of stuff. Is there any other things Processing can do? Hope you guys can share some ideas to me. I might use it as my new project. :)


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    Processing can do almost whatever you can imagine, as it has full power of Java. What matters is visual aspect - drawing is simplified, so you need to concentrate here.

    Ideas for project:

    1. Simulation: this may be physics simulation - gravity, tension, liquids etc; or biological simulation - Darwin's evolution and natural selection; or social modelling - i.e. crowd behaviour.

    2. Data visualization: place some data on map, or create graphs that will be updated from the web automatically.

    3. Image/video processing: you can play with algorithms on how to make something different from the picture you have.

    4. Hardware integration: if you know about arduino - that extends everything into real world, for example responsive light...

    There could be more. What are you interested in?

  • 3 seems like a great idea. In details, image processing can be related real life problem solving stuff? I know that Processing can do sketching and drawing in imagery.

  • I can't think of any potential real-life application if we're speaking about filtering or changing images - it's rather art side of processing. However, you can for example play with motion detection and track anything, for example identify free parking space near your uni and send it to your mobile phone, or create some kind of user interface, or anything else, where pc can help watching real world.

  • Well, I'm assuming you are comp-sci here...
    Data processing is a fine project regardless of year.
    It's everywhere. It's everything.

    Find some free NASA data, do a simple calculation upon the data, save the things needed.
    Here's a good file I found on this forum a few days ago from someone having trouble with the file itself: https://data.nasa.gov/view/ak9y-cwf9

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    hi. i'm totaly new to this program.can i do with it this coil and egg from this pictures ?Screenshot (162) Screenshot (166) If yes,an advice where to start ,maybe an already code somewhere here wtited. thank you.

  • It can be done

    But please remember processing is low-level...

    you need to place every corner manually/ mathematically

    There are very cool libraries though like Shapes3D

  • Correction to a previous post: Processing does not have the full power of Java. It lacks some Java 8 and 9 features, such as lambda expressions.

    (I acknowledge the fact that I have necro'd an almost 1-year old post. Yay me.)

  • Indeed, Processing's IDE (PDE) prohibits usage of Java 8+ features, even on ".java" suffixed tabs! ~X(

    However, Processing can still use already compiled libraries which rely on those not-so-new features. :-j

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