Using createSelect() example, Not yet implemented error.

I'm using the reference for createSelect() to make a drop down list, but the function that is called when I select a different option of the list doesn't work. Here is the code:

var audioSignal;

function setup() {
  createCanvas(640, 480);

  audioSignal = new p5.AudioIn()

  audioSignal.getSources(function(sourceList) {
    //print out the array of available sources
    audioList = createSelect();
    audioList.position(20, 20);
    for (var i = 0; i < sourceList.length; i++){


function draw() {

function selectInput() {

So what doesn't work is selectInput(), as I've tried to narrow down the error with print statements. This is what is printed out in the console: 21994: Uncaught not yet implemented

Anyone have any ideas? It's basically a copy of


  • you're passing a function code to getSources...

    Is this possible?

    better call it as a separate function and use the value audioList.value() to pass to getSources()

  • you're passing a function code to getSources... Is this possible?

    I believe this is a famous js anonymous function. very much common in callbacks.

    In js people use to define functions like this all the time, sometime even nested functions... Like:

    someFunc( parm1, function (function(){//some code}){//code });

    very messy IMHO

  • @SimplyEnvision: change the name of you callback function: 'selectInput' has been attached to p5.prototype: essentially it's the equivalent of a reserved word. Try:

    function inputChanged() {
  • you're passing a function code to getSources...

    @Chrisir: therein lies the power of JS. @_vk is correct that it's not great practice to nest anonymous functions; but passing a function as an argument in JS is fairly standard practice and allows a lot of flexibility. The pay-off is that if it's not managed well you land up with spaghetti :(|)

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