OBJ Loader Model not Showing up

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Hi people! I've been following the OBJ loader library to load 3D models from blender following this tutorial:

But, all I'm getting is a black silhouette instead of the 3D model. I've used blender render to export the objects and followed the instructions in the video. Anyone have any suggestions? Untitled


  • Not an expert in 3d, but did you try to add lights to your sketch?

  • Thanks for the reply. Yes, I have lights() in my draw() loop.

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    Look at shape or so - you can disable the own texture of the obj

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    So use Shape() to draw it? The original shape from blender has no texture.

  • use shape to draw it

    Disable texture before that and say fill(255,0,0); before that

  • Shape() doesn't take a model object as an argument it only takes PShape. fill didn't make a difference, here is my code for reference:

    import processing.opengl.*;
    import codeanticode.glgraphics.*;
    import saito.objloader.*;
    OBJModel model;
    void setup()
      model = new OBJModel(this,"rocks.obj");
    void draw()
      translate(width/2, height/2, 0);
  • does it look good now?

    Disable texture before that and say fill(255,0,0); before that

  • How do I disable texture?

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    disableStyle() only works for a PShape. OBJ loader uses a 'model' object. As far as I know there is no way of converting one to the other. Does the code run ok on your machine? If it does it might be my graphics card.

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