mp4 won't play on raspberry pi 2

Using Processing 3.0.1 and a Raspberry Pi 2 with latest Raspbian Jessie

This simple sketch works just fine on a Windows 10 box but on my Raspberry Pi 2 the correct size of window pops up but nothing video and no audio. The window can be closed ok and there are no errors. I know the rpi's hardware is capable as the video plays just fine with omxplayer which is included with jessie.


    Movie myMov; 

    void setup() { 
      size(1062, 600);
      myMov = new Movie(this, "xyz.mp4");;

    void draw() { 
      image(myMov, 0, 0, width, height);

    void movieEvent(Movie m) {;

    void exit(){
      myMov = null;


  • same here :( Thank you for example script. Have you found the error?

  • Answer ✓

    At least showing one frames second is the library by Andres Colubri, using gstreamer 1.x But we're nowhere close to hardware decoded h.264 in FullHD here.

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    Since the omxplayer is included in the raspbian build for processing, it should be feasible to dive into that source and share it's textures to (at least one of) the processing renderers so it can be used to map preproduced video on site. Consider this a bounty in case you're quick enough (i.e. February 18th, 2016).

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