how can we change the text size in the ide ?


  • console font size, in preferences

  • @_vk have you tried this method? cuz its seems that your wrong

  • Yes I did. And it works just fine, at least in 2.2.1

  • You should only modify the preferences file when the editor is closed.

  • hmmm im not sure but if i do what you suggested i only change the upper section of the ide not the debugging section

  • In 2.2.1 there are two diferente settings, editor font size (upper section) and console ( that's the name of the "debugging" part ) font size.

  • JaiJai
    edited December 2015

    @_vk Thank you i just noticed i was looking at the wrong ver ide as i have multi versions of P in my pc since some sketch are incompatible with the updated versions thanks vk

  • _vk_vk
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