Projection Mapping for Processing 2 ?!

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Hi , I'm searching for a library for Mapping Processing's Output . I've seen SurfaceMapper but it doesnt support processing 2 . also I want to map my Coding output not just an image or a Video ...


  • Most folks use the Syphon library to send the Processing images into a professional mapping software.

  • thanx mr Reas , but I'm WIN user and syphon is for MAC , any other solution ?!

  • buy a mac. sound like a shit advice, but I heard it for many years. bought one 1 month ago. its simply impossible to make such things on PC. I use crazy software chains like Provessing > Syphon > Resolume > MadMapper and it works like magic!

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    There are a couple of mapping libraries are compatible with processing 2.0, although I don't think they offer the same level of functionality as professional mapping tools



    Keystone is available for installation through the Library Manager, and I was able to run the examples in mappingtools that don't require GLGraphics in Processing 2.1. SurfaceMapper is 1.5 only as it was mentioned, since it seems to be entirely based on GLGraphics.

    Just as a quick note, there seems to be a project that is (or was) attempting to bring Syphon-like functionality to Windows, it is called Wyphon.

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    @alless0 check TouchDesigner, this app is win-only and it is used for some serious stuff like huge architectural mappings.

  • Very interesting question. Maybe slightly irrelevant to this post, but it would also be interesting to be able to map a 3d view of the geometry in processing to a projector and work directly with 3d. Any info on that would be greatly appreciated.

  • You could also try HeavyM, its a really good mapping soft. I'm new to video mapping but its really intuitive and gives nice outcomes :)

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