Phidgets RFID and Processing 3

I have an older model Phidgets RFID reader. I'm on a year old Mac Book Pro running the most up to date version of El Capitan. I've installed the latest version of the Phidgets driver/preference pane. RFID chips read fine in the preference pane tester. I have a sketch in Processing 3 (latest stable build) that should print out the RFID number to the screen. I've tested putting the Phidgets21.jar in the /code folder next to the sketch as well as in the Processing libraries folder (with all of the correct folder structures set up there). When I run the sketch from inside Processing, I get the error:

ExceptionInInitializerError: no phidget21 in java.library.pathCould not locate the Phidget C library.The Mac Phidget21 DMG must be installed.

When I open the same sketch in Sublime Text (after installing "processing-java" and the Sublime Processing package) and use the build command from there, the sketch runs and I can read RFIDs.

Why will it run one place and not the other?

Thanks in advance for your help! /david



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