Visual Whispers, a dark generative piece based on Twitter

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Hi there, I wanted to show you one of my latest piece made with Processing and Max6.

I'd be happy to show it somewhere in the world.

Processing handles the Twitter Stream connection and visuals, it sends messages to Max6 using basic OSC-like / udp protocol and Max6 generates sounds using a 1024 oscillators oscbank~ / additive synthesis.

Snapshot of the evolving piece

Here is a video capture of 9 minutes, the whole process takes around 30 min :

Basically, each tweet: - increase a very bit the amplitude of one of the oscillator - is displayed on the screen with a very low alpha/transparency

This is the accumulation of pixels and oscillations that produces the strange trace on the screen and the noisy ambiance.

It also explores the fact that we can loose the meaning of data when there is a too much big data set. Each data taken individually can make sense, but the whole confuses everything.

You can read more here:

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