Video library: only black screen when playing a video @ Linux

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When trying to run a Processing 2.2.1 sketch on Linux that includes playing a video file, I'm only getting a black screen as output. For instance, any of Examples/Libraries/video sketches results the same.

Any tips?



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  • And reposted the question with less information in it. Please don't do that.

    Is gstreamer installed and working? Are there any console messages?

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    Well, yes, I do have gstreamer installed and console doesn't give me any info. Just blank as I said.

    I reposted it because this one was getting outside the eyes of the regular forum user and I had not the time to wait more than a few days (and to get attention in other particular forum session).

    And I just waited 12 days (almost 2 weeks) to repost it.

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