Android studio as an IDE to develop processing libraries?

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Hello, maybe is a silly question. I used to work in eclipse IDE to develop my library, I'm wondering if I could use android studio to develop and continue working in my library. My library is not related with android, its for design and creates GAs. I think should be possible. any clue very welcome. kind regards Carlos.


  • Not sure about android studio but are you aware that it's based on Jetbrain's IntelliJ Idea? If you like the structure and workflow of android studio better than eclipse then try out the IntelliJ community edition (there are student licences for the full version). It should be able to open eclipse projects straight away.

    There aren't any tutorials available on how to create libraries for Processing in IntelliJ but I can help you get started.

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    Thanks a lot colouredmirrorball.

    I found this:

    Im updating my android studio, quite late here. best C

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