GLSL version Processing3 OSX

Hi, I'm porting my Processing 2 project to Processing 3 in Intellij Idea. My existing (and working) shaders cast an error version '120' is not supported when I change the shader version to 140 or above, I get the following error 'varying' : syntax error: syntax error in the line varying vec4 vertColor;

any idea how to fix this?



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    The version '120' is not supported message seems to be an OSX related problem, unfortunately I don't own any Apple devices, but maybe @willemkempers/@clankill3r are able to help you.

    As of the other error: The varying keyword is deprecated since version 130, just use in/out instead.

  • Pass me a simple sketch and I will convert for you. After that you will be able to do it yourself.

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