Can't open Processing 3.0 due to Android mode

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I just downloaded Processing 3.0 and after clicking on the application, I get this pop up:

mode out of date

I would love to update the mode if that will help me, but it won't let me open Processing. I would like some help :)



  • @haugarden: try....

    delete the install download again add mode android and as soon that it is created update it in the same window...

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    I had the same issue. I switched to java mode, updated the android mode and switch back to android mode.

  • @klsc== yes, exactly what i posted and as for me it works...

  • of course. but you can't update the android mode when it is running. I wanted to give this hint if Haugaarden is new to processing.

  • Sorry for replying so late. I am not too new to processing, but I can not find a way to fix this problem. I am sure your solutions work if you are able to open the application. The "Mode out of date" messages pops up when I try to open the application though.

    My guess is that it is trying to open up in Android mode. But when you download from the page, you do not get a zip containing the android mode. And I can't download the mode when I can't open the application. I am stuck in a loop :(

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    You could try to change the preferences.txt
    There is a line that starts with


    I think it should be like this to start in java-mode:

    And if you haven't done that already, you could try to delete the AndroidMode-folder from the modes directory.

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