The function size() and class "Enumeration" do not exist. why?

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    import org.openkinect.freenect.*;
    import org.openkinect.freenect2.*;
    import org.openkinect.processing.*;
    import org.openkinect.tests.*;

    // Daniel Shiffman
    // Kinect Point Cloud example

    import org.openkinect.*;
    import org.openkinect.processing.*;


    // Kinect Library object
    Kinect kinect;

    float a = 0;

    // Size of kinect image
    int w = 640;
    int h = 480;

    // writing state indicator
    boolean write = false;

    // treshold filter initial value
    int fltValue = 950;

    // "recording" object. each vector element holds a coordinate map vector
    PVector recording = new PVector(); 

    // We'll use a lookup table so that we don't have to repeat the math over and over
    float[] depthLookUp = new float[2048];

    void setup() {
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