Adjust colors for more clarity

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I have this sketch which takes in a video feed from a network webcam and it is updated as a PImage every frame. It's passed into a sketch of a "raining code" matrix-effect. The colors of the symbols are updated every frame with a corresponding pixel from the cam so you can "see yourself" through the raining code. Each symbol's alpha value is changed so it appears as though it is falling. Here's a pic.

It works well and I get a good framerate from it. But the image itself is fairly weak and I can barely make out images. I've tried adjusting some values related to brightness / saturation on the camera but nothing seems to really affect it. I want it to be very obvious what the cam feed is. I wish the colors were deeply polarized or it could have more of a cubic regression into alpha values (staying close to opacity for longer instead of moving evenly (linearly) to transparency as each symbol ages). Any suggestions?



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