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Is it possible to create searchable PDFs in processing?


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    Processing is what we can see in its reference here:
    For anything else we need to search for a Java library or write 1 ourselves! ~O)

  • I guess what I mean is: with the PDF library that comes preinstalled with processing is it possible to create a searchable PDF?

    The link on the processing website gives examples of how to create PDFs in different ways, but no examples for searchable PDFs. It doesn't state that it's not possible, so I hope it is ... ... and would like to know how.

  • The PDF library there is to create ".pdf" files from the "canvas".
    I don't think it got any reading/loading capabilities. Much less any searching feature!

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    It saves pdf as image

    Not searchable

    You need a lib that can generate text pdf

    In theory you can write a txt file with saveStrings (see reference) and then open it and print it to a pdf printer // or save it as pdf (ms word can do that)

  • Yes you can

    import processing.pdf.*;
    PFont myFont;
    void setup() {
      size(200, 200,PDF, "test.pdf");
      myFont = createFont("Arial", 32);
      textAlign(CENTER, CENTER);
    void draw(){
      text("hoera!", width/2, height/2);
  • Not sure if I remember correct but I think text breaks up when using long strings. You should test!

  • Thanks, this is exactly the information I was looking for and your example worked a treat. Unfortunately, when I change the textMode() in my code it doesn't do the same thing as I get the error message:

    "Use textMode(SHAPE) with the default font when exporting to PDF."

    I was using Baskerville & Georgia, so I changed them both to Arial but still got the same message.

    Here's the start of the code:

    void setup() {
      size(9933, 14043, PDF, wDesktop+"Poster.pdf");
      //f1 = createFont("Baskerville", 15);
      //f2 = createFont("Georgia", 15);
      f1 = createFont("Arial", 15);
      f2 = createFont("Arial", 15);

    I don't see that I'm doing anything different than the example, so could this be an Issue with the library/processing or have I misunderstood the error message?

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