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Hi, I've installed time ago Processing 2 and processing 3.0 alpha plus android SDK, and also if I've not been able to run any sketch on Android device or Device emulator, all the other modes were working well. Few minutes ago I've installed Processing 3.0 because advised that there were an update available. Running Processing3.0 I got the message that this version of Android isn't compatible with this Processing version, but what is drammatic is that now running Processing 2 or 3.o alpha I got the same message. The only way that I've found to run again Processing 2.0 and 3.0 alpha is restart the PC ,but then If I try again to run the 3.0 I got the error and also the other versions are effected.

Any Idea about how fix the issue ? Thanks. P.S. I can't change the mode because the program stop before arrive to the starting editor page.



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    @contax:: what happens if you get the android mode in your modes folder && manually put it elsewhere????

  • Hi aketon,I've removed ALL folder under documents/processing/modes and nothing changed until I've switched off/on the PC . At that poin I've reinstalled the Android modes and also the other like Python but I'm not sure that It's all ok, see below picture : Cattura What is strange is that under Documents/processing/modes I don't see any folder associated to Android: Cattura2

    The same in the directory were I've installed Processing . In any case despite these apparently issues now I don't have the error message when I start Processing. In this moment the problem is when I try to run an android example or on the Device ( Galaxy 3) or using the AVD. In this second case I' got this error :


  • @contax63::: as for the first point try to make a search in your computer with "modes"; you must find another modes folder with androidMode which seems to be installed but not in the folder which is on your picture; by the way i dont understand what you say when talking about "the directory where i have installed processing" ?? As for processing app itself it has to be in the applications folder. As for the second point i cannot read what console says:: too little chars!!! - Cut && copy like a text.

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