Drawing a graph with the Line command

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I'm trying to draw a graph, given in this simple tutorial: https://www.arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/Graph. I'm using the Arduino IDE 1.6.5 and Processing 3.0b5. Still NO graph appears. When I insert "println" commands in the Processing-code, I can tell that Processing is recieving data, and has the correct coordinates in order to draw the lines, but no lines appear. It is as though the Line-command is out of function in the void serialEvent. Please help.


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    this seems to happen only in the new 3.x version, works fine in 2.x. You can try to use the FX2D renderer, that seems to fix the problem for me.

    size(400, 300, FX2D);

    Did not use 3.x a lot, so maybe someone else can explain this behavior?

  • It's just a theory but it could be because the serialEvent() method is in a separate thread and the renderer no longer accepts that.

  • Cheers. The 2.X approach works :-)

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