Processing for Win 64 bit doesn't run with lib Sound - lib Sound is not for 64 Bit?

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I have processing 3.0 for Win 64 bit now and can't run the sound lib.

I can't run my sketch.

It says

"""""""A lib used by this sketch is not installed properly

A library relies on native code that's not available. Or only works properly when the sketch is run as a 32-bit application."""""""""""""""""

---- so it seems, we need to update the lib for Win 64 bit.

this is my line of Code:

fileSoundForNode = new SoundFile(this, "Conga1.mp3");

I installed the lib anew btw.

it makes no sense to offer processing for win 64 bit when the core libs for it don't work for Win 64 bit imho

Can I solve this somehow?

Thanks! Chris


  • i've just hit this on linux (assuming it's the same thing). the which sound uses wanted a newer version of glibc++ than is available for my distro. (not afaik a 64 / 32 bit issue)

    i switched to minim, which worked fine.

  • Is minim out for 3.0 then?

    Anyway, it's getting worse. Although I told p3 go start with a new folder, it used my old libraries folder, so when I returned to 2.2.1 I had to reinstall 2.2.1 completely and now 2.2.1 sound lib is still not working (due to 3.0)

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    i downloaded and installed it just last night, using the menu within the pde editor. minim v2.2.1. apparently no good if you want to use it with android but it let me run the fft example on my (linux) desktop fine.

  • in theory they really should offer each lib for 2.2.1 AND 3.0............

    they really should

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