Manipulate a custom type made with .UFO

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I´m working in a project which need to manipulate the typeface structure. The originals vectors are made it in Robofont and all the glyphs are made with just a single stroke, as you can see in the follow image. The font is on UFO.

I need to use this font on processing, but the .ttf or .otf is not allowed the glyphs with open contour. When I try to export the font in the font editor it close the glyphs contour. As you can see also in the image above.

So I can´t use .ttf or .otf for my font, and I need to work with the open contour, because I´m working with a geomerative library on processing and don't want a "outlined" font.

There is any way to use my UFO on processing?

I´m sending an example that I made it by importing a SVG file with phrase made it on illustrator, just to example what I need.

Sorry for my bad english.


import geomerative.*;

RShape txt;
RShape polytxt;
int r = 20; 

void setup() {
  size(800, 800);


  txt = RG.loadShape("txt.svg");
  txt = RG.centerIn(txt, g, 100); 


void draw() {

  float pointSeparation = map(constrain(mouseX, 100, width-100), 100, width-100, 6, 200);
  float weight = map(mouseY, 0, height, 1, 500);

  polytxt = RG.polygonize(txt);
  RG.shape(polytxt, width/2, height/2);


  • Hi guilhermesv,

    Did you find the solution? it interests me. Thank you.

  • Hello AppRom,

    No, I could not find a solution in Processing.

    What are I made to solve my problem was use another software called Drawbot to "pre-manipulate" the UFO file, writing the sentences I needed to use on Processing.

    The setences were save in SVG and load on Processing.

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