Export application in a single .exe file

Hi all, I'm using Processing 3.0a5 and I have a sketch that works with some images, txt files and libraries. I exported my sketch as application (Windows) and I got a folder with .exe, .pde and .jar files, where I placed all the images. The application works perfectly but I need to know if it's possible to obtain a single runnable .exe file with all the references embedded or at least if there is a way to hide all the files that the applications needs and show to the user only the .exe. Thanks in advance!


  • Hello, KevinWorkman I hope you give me permission :) but there is a program called JarMatey that allows you to do EXACTLY what you want. You can use its simple interface to combine all your jars, pictures, libraries, music, videos, EVERYTHING of your sketch into one .exe. Here is the link for that website: http://staticvoidgames.com/JarMatey/

  • Does this mean that it somehow compiles down to bytecode? Or does it still run on the JVM and obviously requires Java?

  • What happens when you just move the .exe from the export into another directory? Does it actually rely on the other files?

    If it does, you can indeed use JarMatey to create a single jar file. You could then use something like JWrapper or launch4j to create a single exe file that simply runs the jar. That's not too different from what the .exe exported from Processing is doing: it's still running Java behind the scenes.

    Of course, I would be trying to deploy as Processing.js if at all possible if I were you.

  • Unfortunately, when I saw your answers I had delivered my work simply hiding the files, but it will be very useful for the next. Thank you!

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