p5 - Sound Issue

Hi, I am experimenting with p5 sound. http://www.algorithmicjazz.com/p5js/coj/cojindex.html The above project works on OS X Yosemite, Safari and Chrome, but has a problem with Windows 10, Edge or Chrome. When working correctly it should be even 1/8 notes at around 200 BPM. The code is on the web page.


  • I tried to give it a frameRate of 30, from 60, and change my modulo to "if (frameCount % 4 == 3)" but that didn't change anything. I also tried to remove the reverb, but put it back.

  • I took out the DOM mouse listener "coj_canvas.mousePressed(mouseXPressed)" thinking that maybe the listener was messing with the frame rate, but it made no difference.

  • I think I solved my problem. I guess I was not careful enough when testing with the reverb removed. The problem was the reverb or maybe how I was using the reverb. The reverb would slow the frame rate way down. The code, with the reverb commented-out, is on the website.

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