What's a Processing sketch's startup routine?

I'm trying to change the sketch's frame startup background on Processing 2. if I override init() method with a frame.setColor(Color) it actually starts with the choosen color, but after that, it turns gray again, then to a color i eventually set with background() in setup() method.

So, I was guessing what's the startup routine of Processing 2 and 3, so we could know how eventually override it.

Thanks a lot.


  • use background() in setup and in draw with the same color

  • nop. I'm talking about some method called before setup(), I think it's when Processing builds the Java window / surface / frame.

    I'd need to change the gray bg that appears at first when the window is "loading"

  • If nobody has an answer, you can always take a look at the source code...

  • You can change this gray by using background in setup

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