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Hi everyone, thank you for getting in touch. Sorry for posting so late notice, we ended up going with game designers who had ready made games they could modify for us.

-- Hi There,

I thought it would be cool to post this in the processing forum rather than just in games dev forums since there's such a wide range of creative and crazy projects done in processing.

I'd like to set up 3 - 4 gaming spaces with simple 1 button interfaces for an upcoming private party.

We need 3 - 4 games which can be set up to auto run on cheap mini systems (pc/pi/android, up to you). The theme of the party is Tokyo Dreams. Anything fun/crazy would be great. You can get as creative as you want.

We do not mind if you modify any existing games you've made or open source ones, we have an artist on call who can provide custom content. Think of them more as mini games (or mods), something which is engaging but very simple/fast to make, we don't have a huge budget.

The games would need to be ready by the 20th, but ideally within the next 10 days. If you just have time to make one game that's fine too. If you are interested please pm me with a prospective quote and we can discus further details.

Best, Nick



  • can you post some images to theme of the party Tokyo Dreams?

  • Anything which has strong cultural themes really, if you can think of a fun game mechanic then our artist can create any graphics you might need. please bear in mind this will be run on a mini computer (either raspberry pi or a mini pc rig) with limited graphics capabilities.

  • I think you might be better off asking for specific game mechanics, and then filling in images as you see fit later.

    Some quick ideas might be: whack-a-mole (you fill in what the player is whacking later), a quick-draw type game (you fill in the quick-draw-ers with whatever image you want later), a slot machine (you fill in what's on the slots later), a flappy birdy clone (you get it), etc.

    That way the programmer can use dummy art in the meantime, and your artist can start working on images while the games are being developed.

    Leaving it open to interpretation might seem like you're making it easier on the programmer, but I would bet you'd have more luck if you provided more specific limitations.

  • Hello, Can we use mouse interaction? Jim

  • And Keyboard?

  • sorry guys I think we got all we need already :(

  • You can share what you got later

  • we'll use giant buttons via keyboard emulator (arduino pro micro, or something else?)

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