Program turning the fill colors of my SVG to Black?

Hey everyone, first time asking a question.

I looked all over the forum and wiki and couldn't find an answer to this.

I'm redoing a data visualization from university and most of the graphics were done in Illustrator and saved as SVG files. Initially, they worked fine (except for some wonky alignment issues) but since I changed some codes, the fill color turns to black when I run the Sketch. Everything looks fine in Illustrator and the file format seems fine too. I'm really at a loss at to what happened.

Any help would be appreciated.



  • Well, it looks like you messed up the code, which we can't see from here... Try to go back to a state where it works.

  • I'm having the same problem. It works fine with the first svg used, but when I swap it out the svg displays black. The image is the only difference. I think the problem is how the svg is saved, but I can't find a difference.

  • I found the problem. I'm using Illustrator CC2015 to save the art as .svg and the default settings are causing the problems. I've attached a screen cap of the svg settings that work & caps of the svg code. In the FAIL code image, you'll see text/css (the image has no text) and the <path/> is a child class "st0" of a text style. The Good code has no text/css and the <path/> is not a child of an unused css style. svgSettings svgFAIL svgGood

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