The library sDrop and Processing 3.0

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I have a sketch that is using sDrop library and it works fine with Processing 2.0. The same sketch does not work in Processing 3.0! It seems Processing 3.0 does not recognize something. I got the error: "The constructor "SDrop(POLISphone)" does not exist".

Any ideas?

Thanks! Filipe


  • How did you install the sDrop library? It looks like it simply can't find it. When you ran Processing 3 for the first time, it should have asked you to create a sketch folder. Make sure the library is installed in that folder. You can find your sketch folder under File >> Settings. Then make sure sDrop.jar exists in this location: (your sketch folder)\libraries\sDrop\library.

  • Thanks colouredmirrorball. That is exactly what I did and it was working with Processing 2.0. However, it does not work with Processing 3.0! That's why I am finding it so strange... I believe Processing 3.0 "sees" sDrop, otherwise it would complain when I do "import sojamo.drop.*;".

    Thanks! Filipe

  • I had a glance at the SDrop javadoc and it needs a Component in the constructor. This always worked because a PApplet (your sketch) extends Applet which is a Component (they're all classes from the java.awt package). But Processing 3 no longer subclasses Applet and therefore is no longer a Component, so that's why you get the error. I don't think there's much you can do about it except figuring out how to do drag and drop yourself.

  • Alright! Thanks very much for your help.

    All the best!

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