Render HTML page using Processing.

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Hi there, I looking for help to solve a performance scenario. I started developing creative coding applications using processing, but last year I moved to Openframeworks, so I'm not updated over here.

I need render an HTML page, that is served on my local machine, and control them using kinect and export using syphon to MadMapper.

I'm doing this using Openframeworks: ofxAwesomium to render a html, that is served by ofxHttp. In those pages (that are a kind of presentation), I use the ofxNI2 and ofxSyphon to control by gestures and export to MadMapper. The problem is, using ofxAwesomium, the render is flickering, some buttons are blinking (when I hover them) and the result is kind of defect.

If open the link straight on any browser, everything is running fine. No flickering, no bugs, no blinks. So, I think the problem could be the ofxAwesomium, that performs bad with low frame rate.

Anyone experienced with that situation? Do I can do this using some processing library? Quartz Composer, Isadora or Vue can handle this? Thks in advance.

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