Problem with P3D Processing Sketch in Processing 3 written with Processing 2

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I am trying to modify a sketch, originally written in Processing 2, to be compatible with Processing 3. All of the issues that the "Errors" tab complained about have been resolved, and I am now trying to run my sketch in Processing, and I am getting this error printed out.

Click on the picture to see a full size version of it.

Processing Console Output

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this? I can share portions of code if needed, but I would rather not do so.


  • Use creatInput, not openStream. read this:

    In earlier releases, this function was called openStream().

  • I'm getting an error saying that createInput()does not exist.

  • Note it is more effective to copy & paste the stack in the forum in text mode rather than showing a hardly readable screenshot (I hate this color combination of dark red on black background).

    That said, it looks like the gifAnimation library uses a method from Processing 2 which is no longer available in v.3, hence the method not found exception.

  • I apologize for the image. Did your click on it to view it in full screen so that it would be really easier to see? As for the issue with the library, can you determine what the issue is specifically or just that the library has it?

  • Did your click on it to view it in full screen so that it would be really easier to see?

    not on a phone

  • Also text makes it searchable witch can help other users.

  • @koog Sorry. Just looked at it on my phone and did not realize it was so pixelated.

    @clankill3r That's true.

  • Hey. I fixed the issues and pushed to Github

  • @01010101 Great! I can compile it myself, but just so you know, your download link for the Processing 3 version is broken.

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