How to import music in Processing 3?

I have some MP3 files that I want to play in my program when certain things happen. How can I import them, make them play, and then make them stop? Is there also any way I can make them stop but keep their place, like a pause button?



  • see librarys, library Sound

  • Where am I supposed to put the file in order for the program to be able to use it? I tried it in the folder, but the program still couldn't find it.

  • Answer ✓

    make a subfolder data

  • it's all case sensitiv

    extension mp3

  • Thanks, worked!

    Also, any way to pause it without losing its position?

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    Add files via the menu option - it'll create the relevant subdirectory for you.

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    One more thing--I tried using the .loop() function, but it didn't loop the music once the MP3 ended. Is it supposed to do something else, or did I mess something up? If .loop() doesn't restart the MP3 when it's done, then how can I do that other than by timing each MP3 manually?

    EDIT: Also, is there any way to fade out the MP3?

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