Library G4P with Processing


I have just installed Processing 3.03b and had some trouble when using G4P library.

Is there any compatibility issue between both (Processing 3.03b and G4P library)?



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    I am new to processing too but from what I know through trial and error, G4P works perfectly on processing 2.1 and that's what I am using; processing 3 has lots of library incompatibility issues not just with G4P but with other libraries too so I have decided to stick with 2.1 version and I suggest you do the same too.

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    G4P is compatible with Processing 2.2.1 it is NOT compatible with P5 V3

    V3 of Processing is a different beast from V2 and there will be many compatibility issues with contributed libraries for a long time.

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    Addendum: AFAIK, any libraries which work for 2.2.1 also works for 3.0a5! ;)
    Only exception I know about is "Python Mode". Which runs at most w/ 3.0a4. :-B

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    Since 3.0a4 & 3.0a5 are no longer available on the download page that's a mute point.

    I will continue to support G4P with V2.2.1 providing bug fix releases if they become necessary. Hopefully I will be able to update G4P and GUI Builder for Processing 3 when it gets a stable release.

  • bigdawg, quark and GoToLoop, many thanks for your explanations. It is clear that I should continue using 2.2.1 for the moment.

    The 3.03b Library Manager shows several libraries grayed in its list (G4P among them) when one tries to install; I guess that means "problems", although it does not provide any reasons or information. (However, if the library has been simply copied in the right folder then it appears as correctly installed —with a green checkmark—, but any attempt to compile results in errors of the "class not found" kind).

  • I guess that means "problems", although it does not provide any reasons or information.

    It's a technical reason: Since v3.0a6, Processing's PApplet class doesn't inherit from Applet class anymore.
    So any library that assumed that to be true won't work until fixed for the new series version!

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