Error while using Minim in Processing 2.2.1

Hi there,

I've just downloaded Processing 2.2.1 and I'm trying to get the Minim library to work but with no success.

Even with this simple/ example code I get an error.


import ddf.minim.*;//minim

Minim minim;
AudioPlayer player;
AudioInput input;

void setup()
  size(100, 100);

  minim = new Minim(this);
  player = minim.loadFile("protection.mp3");
  input = minim.getLineIn();

void draw()
  // do what you do


==== JavaSound Minim Error ==== ==== Unable to return a TargetDataLine: unsupported format - PCM_SIGNED 44100.0 Hz, 16 bit, stereo, 4 bytes/frame, little-endian

=== Minim Error === === Minim.getLineIn: attempt failed, could not secure an AudioInput.

Any ideas?????


I'm on Windows 7 64bits and just updated to Java Version 8 Update 51. The file protection.mp3 is in a folder named data in the sketch folder.


  • I managed to get the AudioPlayer to work.

    I think It was something with the AudioInput.

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