Major project in p5.js or Feasible? Brave?

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I've taken a cursory look at some of the web &/or game frameworks available (various languages) & feel a bit overwhelmed by all the choices before me. Processing caught my eye ages ago, then w/ the advent of .py & p5.js, only more so.

The long-term project I'm looking at is essentially a music editor, the near term proof-of-concept would be a stringed instrument fingering pattern analyzer.

The hope is to make the system scale well & have innate inter-client "chat" functions, so one natural back end for this would be the Erlang infrastructure (but coded in its far more modern VM-client language, Elixir).

It's a big commitment to throw in with any particular API/framework. On the web side (& javascript warts** & all) p5.js strikes me as having all the long-haul support I need.

Comments welcomed & thanks in advance,

  • lee

    [** I'm also looking at Functional Reactive Programming .js lang implementations like Elm or Bacon, but wonder how they'd be made to work with P5's canvas idiom... ]

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