Using minim to make a frequency time plot.

Is there any way I can use minim to make a frequency time graph where I can get the highest frequency and the lowest frequency of a sound track along with the corresponding time at which that frequency occurred?


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    ---using fft.forward you can get all frequencies or some average for them

    --- you create an highest && lowest global var, the twos = 0 in setup(); --- you create a for loop with the fftlin.size ---you have some local var corresponding to frequency (getFreq()), --- if this value is > than "highest" then highest = this value ---- if this value is < lowest then lowest..... --- so at the end of your nested loop you get the max && min freq for your sound ---as for time, i think that you can use from minim ("position()" -- i have not done that, but i think that it will work; in this case you have 2 more globals (declaed in setup as =0) that are updated("highestTimestamp, lowestTimeStamp") in the nested loop.

  • Thanks allot! I didn't know the getFreq() function, and the position() function, I was planning to use loops in order to store a max value, but I need the greatest change in frequency, which won't be hard, I'll just take in a larger sample is all. :)

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